About Our Pool Range

Over the last couple of years, fibreglass swimming pools continued to gain market share and acceptance to the point where it is considered to be the most modern choice in the domestic swimming pool market.

Why is a fibreglass swimming pool considered to be the future?

Structural Excellence, Lasting Beauty
Leisure Pools and Spas’ swimming pools are manufactured by highly skilled workers using the latest methods and technology.  Only top quality resins and gel coats are used and all our material is manufactured and supplied by Resin Express.  We have stringent quality control processes and standards to produce swimming pools of superior quality.

Colour And Design
Through our state of the art gelcoat system we offer a wide variety of colours as well as standard pool colours, we offer you a look that nobody else has.  There are various colours and a range of 19 different designs to choose from, giving you a wider selection to suit your taste and preference.

Value For Money
When all is weighed up, fibreglass swimming pools offer outstanding value for money.  Your Leisure pool will be a top quality product that will give you years of trouble free service.

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